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Over the years we've hosted events, popups, nail artists, tarot readers, artists, photoshoots, brands, charity events, art classes, hair classes, vendor events, etc... and we ALWAYS enjoy the influx of new energy and networking with friends!

Out of necessity for flexibility over the passed couple years, we've recognized some new ways our space might be able to bring community together through shared creative space in a less structured, more fluid, way.

The way all of us work has changed so much in such a short time, but sometimes winging it has an expiration date 🙃

 We've noticed some interesting gaps in the creative industry when trying to mix it with home life

Everyone needs a little more room to breathe and create in a space with ease. Maybe we could fill in some as some spare space, for you. Maybe once, maybe a few times, maybe more regularly.

We're going to post a series of imaginations for different creatives we are looking to connect with. And if you think there's anything we missed, or some other way we might be of service, we're keeping an open mind and an open inbox!

Please share this 🖤 we intend to support this community for as long as we can, but we cannot do it alone, we're going to need your support in return.

Thank you so much for taking an interest in our creative healing space and contributing to our mission of creativity as a means to foster community, diversity, belonging, and inclusivity ✨️


Our first open call is to the Educators of the world!! If you have a gift and an audience to share it with, we would LOVE to host you as you pass on your knowledge!

As we've grown here over the passed few years we've hosted a number of different types of classes, from the art of resin creation with @123pour to Rainbow Prism hair color classes with @joshdoeshair, and Haircuttings with @tashdollars. We're always teaching our clients things and forever educating ourselves and each other in different ways.

IT ONLY MAKES SENSE to open this to all of our friends who have these amazing gifts and no space to share them!! There are so many creative arts out there and we have a firm belief that healing happens through creation! We would love to be a place for the community to foster growth with a creative mindset and physical catharsis while learning to create something, anything!

This is perfect for stylists, artists, photographers, musicians, hornaculturist.... ALL CREATIVES, to pass on their gifts! To contribute to their community and to spread joy, healing, and growth.


Photographers!! Y'all are the ultimate visuals people, MY people!! We know there's a LOT of work that go into those perfect visuals that the public doesn't even consider. There's also so much more than taking photos to the services you provide.

Maybe you need a space to meet up with perspective clients to go over details and want it to feel like you're doing so in a professional environment vs a coffee shop?

Maybe you want a space to teach your craft to up and coming photographers? Having various lighting throughout so you can put them in different teachable challenging scenerios or enviroments?

Luckily my fear of commitment when we opened turned into one of our greatest blessings, none of our stuff is nailed down. Almost anything in the studio can be moved to accomodate the space and lighting you are trying to capture.

Or maybe, like most of the WFH clients I've talked to, you just need a space for quiet and to know is entirely yours do get some actual editing done, alone or in small groups with yout frens!

There are so many potential ways to network and use this space. If you've got the demand, we're here to support you!


Freelance work was my first love! I was drawn to being able to create in different locations, to meet new people, exchange new energy and possibilities.

Picture this, scheduling all of your trial work for a few days a month and getting to provide your services, in a fresh, professional, artistic space. You get the best of both worlds, creating in the wild, and having the stability of a set location to bring your clients to. You don't have to travel to their houses, saving time and gas, they don't have to enter into your home space.

I think if this type of set up was an option when I started my on location services I would be primarily on location for weddings and commercial vs beind the chair. With the addition of Kismet Studio I now enjoy working in all spaces this way. This opportunity could be a direction changer for some people! It could save people time and energy trying to navigate small business and make it sustainable.

If you're growing a clientele or following for on locations services, which is almost inevitable in this current wedding boom, and you're looking for a space to fine tune your professionalism and add to your artistic flair, we are here for you!!

Content Creators

Content Creators! If you run any kind of small business or branding you know that content creation is a constant necessity!

We've got the space you need to film, plan, network, retreat to, brainstorm... there are endless options and if you've got a need, we're open to hearing it!

Whatever creation you're trying to bring into the physical, we're here to support you.

Networking connections are a close second when it comes to keeping an idea thriving and bringing it into existence.

Just stepping into the studio, you never know who you'll make a connection with!

Contact us via DM if you've got any questions!

What our freelancers are saying

Kismet Studio fosters a workspace culture unlike anything I've gotten to experience before. As soon as I arrived, it felt simply like a friend hangout with no expectations or competition, all while everyone focused on their own creative endeavors. And I'd never even met most of the people there! It's definitely a place you can go to work, focus, and feel creative. It might sound cliche, but I was feeling the creative energy!!

Brooke Voeller - Photographer

Rental Pricing!

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Weekly Booth Rent


Per Week

Available to Licensed cosmetologists, barbers, and makeup artists

Including premium retail, backbar, a full time salon manager, education coordination, weekly deep cleaning, optional business coaching, locking station and color storage area

We are a licensed Barbershop and Cosmetology Establishment

Make your own hours, set your own pricing, wear what you want

Inclusive non-gendered atmosphere and members of The Dress Code Project and Strands for Trans

Daily Creative Chair Rental during Open Hours

 *Max 6 hours without storage


Per Day, Available Tuesday-Saturday

Available for Licensed cosmetologists, barbers, makeup artists, natural hair stylist

Ideal for those starting out without commiting to full rent

Great for freelancers looking for a homebase for trial work

Full Private Studio Rental

Starting at...​


The more hours the less cost

$75/hr 2 hour rental

$65/hr 4 hour rental

$55/hr 6 hour rental

$50/hr 8 hour rental