Maddie Smith @Hairby_Maddie_

What does kismet mean to you? 

Kismet means having a little bit of faith that you’re where you’re supposed to be. Finding people in life that support, encourage and love you.

What do you love about your job?

 I love the people I get to meet! I love the environment the salon has and knowing every work day is going to be full of laughter.

 What is your favorite service?

Vivid hair color! I love having a creative outlet and seeing people light up looking at their hair is priceless.

 What is your Why?

 I do hair because I love giving people an escape from their every day life. It’s a moment of relaxation and zero judgement. I love making children feel like their favorite princess or giving someone their sense of identity back after they’ve gotten lost along the way.


margaritas, elephants, NACHOS, blue, anywhere new!


What is one passion that you have other than doing hair?

 I had a huge passion for any drawing or painting and it’s a 2019 resolution of mine to get back into it and give me back “me time”.